From Bristol, CT...

Welcome to the Official Site of the MARSHPIT

Emerging up from murky depths of pure rock stardom ,

Acoustic Marshpit is an electrifying duo for every occasion!
Big Benn ,,AKA-Big Benn / Richie Riot,.. along a little help from our  friends, continue the mission originally set forward by the legendary modern
Rock&Roll band

 ~~~~ OLD MARSH ~~~~



​​Shows & Events!!!

         "Fantastic & Semi-famous " NY TIMES       
    " Eddie Who ?"  SEATTLE TIMES 

                                                      "Lump sat alone in a boggy marsh" POTUSA


Sat 2/2  Westfield river Brewery Co - Southwick, MA 2pm

Sat 2/8  Red Lion Inn (Lions' Den) - Stockbridge, MA 9pm 

Fri 2/9   Lisa's Crown & Hammer - Collinsville, CT  9pm 

Fri 2/22  Dante Club -West Springfield, MA 8pm 

Sat 3/2   Westfield river Brewery Co - Southwick, MA 2pm
Sat 3/2   Groggy Frogg - Southington,CT 9pm
Sat 3/16  McLaddens - West Hartford, CT 9pm 
Sun 3/17  ST Patricks Day @ STONEY CREEK 1:00


Sat 3/23  Nora's - Southwick MA  8pm 
Sun 3/24 Johnnys Jog - West Hartford 10AM
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Sat 4/20  Westfield river Brewery Co - Southwick, MA 2pm
Sat 5/4  Groggy Frogg - Southington CT 9pm 

Fri 5/24  DOUBLETREE - Bristol, CT 6pm - Patio Time!! 

....mANY mORE to be adde! So stay tunes OR jOINT US ON